Fill the void in your life with nothing

Sup homie?

Welcome to Another Krappy Newsletter!

This is my whimsical newsletter about nothing.

Allow me to address some frequently asked questions you probably have right now.

1. What is this?

Again, this is a newsletter about nothing.

The only common thread between the topics discussed is I wrote them. No other “theme”.

They are mostly long-form comedy posts describing my feelings and/or a deep dive on a complicated or taboo subject. The ideal post brings a smile to your face, but also teaches you something in the process. Just like an episode of Gilmore Girls.

Here are some examples:

2. What do you mean “newsletter about nothing”?

Aside from being an homage to Seinfeld, it describes this newsletter well.

Everyone has a niche. My niche is that I have no niche.

Instead this newsletter will be a survey through the depths of my mind and what I pay attention to or think about. 

One week you might hear about how people die of heat stroke at 82 degrees Fahrenheit and the next you might hear about how to give a great wedding toast.

Every topic is on the table.

The only thing that ties the posts together is that I wrote them and you received it on Tuesday.

Hopefully it helps expose you to interesting, entertaining, and new things you have never seen or thought about before.

3. So you just send like a random assortment of links to me? A lack of order gives me anxiety…

Don’t you worry, child.

While the rest of the Internet falls victim to the omnipresent law of entropy and tends towards disorder, Another Krappy Newsletter bucks that trend!

We (ie: me) here at Another Krappy Newsletter seek to expend energy in the form of “work” to bring the Internet’s chaos back into some semblance of order.

We do so by going full sophomore year sorority girl on you with the “Live. Laugh. Love.” outline.

This is what you can expect from each newsletter:

Live. In this section of the newsletter, I will cover one thought provoking topic. This can take the form of:

Laugh. The best use of the Internet is when it surfaces pieces of content that make you laugh really hard. So I will cover one thing aimed at making you laugh. Things like: 

Love. I will talk about one thing I love. Things like:

  • Amazing products

  • Courses I have taken and greatly enjoyed 

  • Authors who are producing amazing content

  • Or sometimes just really fun facts that make you say “OMG I love that!”

3. What’s up with the way you write?

Sometimes when I type a sentence, I will immediately insert a line break so as to start the next paragraph.

I know it is not how your English teacher taught you to write.

But you will get used to it.

4. Do you respond to emails?

Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Send me an email and I promise to get back to you with a hand crafted artisanal response in a pretty reasonable timeline.

Only caveat is that I get to decide what “pretty reasonable timeline” means.

5. My friend would love your newsletter. What should I do?

Slam this share button and share it with them, yo!

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Closing time

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Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are strictly my own. Who else’s would they be?


Kevin Rapp
Hardware engineer